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Migrating to PostgreSQL, the White Paper
Jan 10, 2018
Dimitri Fontaine
1 minute read

After having been involved in many migration projects in the last 10 years, I decided to publish the following White Paper in order to share my learnings.

The paper is titled Migrating to PostgreSQL, Tools and Methodology and proposed the Continuous Migration approach. Get the book now:

Continuous Migration makes it easy to make incremental progress over a period of time, and also to pause and resume the migration work later on, should you need to do that. The method is pretty simple — just follow those steps:

  1. Setup your target PostgreSQL architecture
  2. Fork a Continuous Integration environment that uses PostgreSQL
  3. Migrate the data over and over again every night, from your current production RDBMS
  4. As soon as the CI is all green using PostgreSQL, schedule the D-day
  5. Migrate without any suprises… and enjoy!

This method makes it possible to break down a huge migration effort into smaller chunks, and also to pause and resume the project if need be. It also ensures that your migration process is well understood and handled by your team, drastically limiting the number of surprises you may otherwise encounter on migration D-day.