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The pgloader project is fully Open Source and released under The PostgreSQL License so that anyone can easily contribute to the project. The whole project management (issue tracking, feature proposals, etc) happens on the pgloader github page, in public.

Software development may be open, and the result shared with an Open Source Software licence, but the actual hours of programming are not gratis.

Just like everybody else, I need money for mortgage, kids and food, money I make by doing things with computers, for people who are willing to pay for that.

One of the things I do for money, is develop pgloader, and the pgloader Moral License is a good vehicle available for the paperwork. I shamelessly stole the whole idea from The Varnish Moral License. See the Varnish Moral License FAQ and How To to see how PHK does it.

Become a pgLoader Patron

By subscribing to the pgLoader Patrons Membership you can show your support to pgloader and get custom services as described in the following:

pgloader Sponsors

They have bough a pgloader Moral Licence and got special development, features and help from the project. Here’s what they say about it:


Here’s what our customer Andrea Crotti has to say about using and sponsoring pgloader:

Thanks to pgloader we were able to migrate our main database from MySQL to Postgres, which involved moving hundreds of tables used by our complex Django project. Dimitri was very helpful. He implemented a new feature for us quickly and smoothly.


Here’s what our customer Alexander Groth has to say about using and sponsoring pgloader:

Fusionbox used pgloader on a project for a large government agency. We needed to migrate a large set of data from an existing SQL Server cluster to a new PostgreSQL solution. Pgloader greatly reduced the time required to accomplish this complex migration.

Redpill Linpro

When Redpill Linpro was asked about the most efficient way to migrate from Microsoft SQL Server to our beloved PostgreSQL by one of their customers, they asked me to add support for SQL Server in pgloader. Thanks to Redpill Linpro now everyone can do the same, as the result is Open Source and fully integrated into pgloader!